Saturday January 14, 2012

Cool Guitar Effects

I decided to create a list of the coolest or interesting guitar pedals I could find. This has nothing to do with the tone just the awesome graphic designs of these boutique stompbox wonders.

1. Lovepedal Kanji

It's kinda ugly but so different looking and the tone is so revered.

2. Brown Sound

I was looking around for any "brown sound" pedal and came across this.  The Brown Sound has less to do with Eddie Van Halen and more to do with Hendrix.  From the website:  "Ooh La La Manufacturing has just released their first, Bruce Bennett designed, effect pedal. The Brown Sound has big power amp distortion with a bit of fuzz thrown in. The overdriven Marshall sound, a-la "Foxy Lady"and other classic tones is what you will get with OohLaLa's Brown Sound."

3. Dead Horse Overdrive

Bizarrely strange graphics and even more bizarrely named.  Check out the ProTone Pedals website for some of the most interesting pedals ever seen.

4. Catalinbread Supercharged Overdrive

I like the clean graphic of this pedal.  It's probably not as flashy as some of the other pedal designs on Catalinbread's website.

5. Frantone Sandwich Optical Compressor

Again this is a more subtle looking pedal, just the daring use of colours make it a standout.  The pedal's designer is a woman, hence the name.  Fran looks like she went through the Time Tunnel to give us this stompbox.

7. Germanium Boy

This angry dude seems to be Blues Saraceno's logo.  More angry looking pedals here:

8. The Thruster Power Booster

Another unique looking effects pedal from ProTone Pedals.  This time featuring a retro rocketship artwork.  I'd buy these pedals just cause the look exquisite.


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