Sunday March 25, 2012

Gotoh Tuners

Gotoh Tuners

Gotoh Tuners aka Machine Heads

The Gotoh tuners are anodised Cosmo black hardware. These machine heads are of a decent quality and are found in the more expensive guitars. They don’t slip and will give good tuning stability especially during screaming whammy bar dive bombs.
They are non locking tuners. With locking tuners you are able to lock the string once it’s threaded through the hole and then tune normally. Most tuning problems are caused by the nut and the locking nut should take care of most slippage.  The usual trick is to put graphite pencil shavings or machine oil into the locking nut to help keep in tune.  If you do feel the need to change to locking Gotoh tuners they do make them and I believe they should fit the same screw holes without modification.

They also don’t have “auto trim” which is available on the SV5470F Prestige's new locking auto trim tuners.

Go to for the Gotoh tuners catalog.


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