Friday January 13, 2012

Guitar Effects Pedal Review

DigiTech Bad Monkey Review

The DigiTech Bad Monkey, is it a giant killer or just Internet hype? Based around the classic TS-808 and TS-9 design, this modern effects pedal is a Tube Screamer costing half the price. The Bad Monkey has not one but two tone knobs for sonic shaping, just fine tune your EQ and your away. The DigiTech Bad Monkey is priced at just $49.95...

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Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal Review

In 1978 Boss Corporation released the Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal, after having a huge success with a small range of compact guitar effects. Depending on your point of view this was either a move of brilliance for the guitar industry or the unleashing of Hellspawn on Earth to an unsuspecting public...

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Wampler Pinnacle 2 Review

Looking for a distortion pedal that does the Eddie Van Halen "brown sound" in a box? You really got me with this pedal. It's worth taking the jump with your little guitars. So dig out that Frankenstrat and look no further than the Wampler Pinnacle 2. Somebody get me a doctor!

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Cool Guitar Effects

A list of crazy designed boutique stompboxes. Who cares about the tone, these effects pedals will just look great on your pedal board. More pedal reviews coming soon.

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Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser Review

Used by some heavy hitting devotees such as Sting, Andy Summers, Depeche Mode and John Mayer, boutique pedal manufacturer Red Witch Analog Pedals is a company to watch. This small innovative exotic stompbox company based in New Zealand has been wowing the pedal fanatic community with their avant-garde designs. We take a closer look at the Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser ($299.95)...

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DigiTech HardWire Delay Looper DL-8 Review

The DigiTech HardWire Delay Looper DL-8 ($159.95) is a digital delay with up to 8 seconds of delay time, 11 delay types, tap tempo and 20 seconds of loop time. Digital delays are getting cleverer all the time and the HardWire DL-8 is so feature rich that you could probably even replace a few basic pedals with it...

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Lovepedal Kanji Eternity Review

The Lovepedal Kanji Eternity ($179) is an Ibanez Tube Screamer style boutique stompbox known not only for its distinctive tone but for its mysterious aura. Possibly fashioned by an “unknown monk that lives high in the mountains”...

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Best Delay Pedals

When you think of delay pedals, for most guitarists U2’s the Edge instantly comes to mind. Known for being a sonic architect rather than a guitar virtuoso, his instantly recognizable wall of sound is due largely to the modest delay pedal. A delay pedal is a great addition to your pedal board and some of the best delay pedals should add astounding depth to your playing...

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