Saturday August 27, 2011

Guitar Hero - Van Halen - Eruption Part 1

Ever wanted to learn Van Halen's Eruption? These are the 5 part video guitar lessons from Peter Thorn aka sinasl1. Before you discount Pete as another YouTube guitar wannabe, this guy is a pro player for the likes of Chris Cornell, Courtney Love, Alicia Keys and others. But forget about that. His videos are simply some of the best guitar lessons you can find on YouTube. In particular the "How to Play Eruption" videos are considered the definitive cover version. The Eruption instrumental featured on the 1978 album Van Halen I. Eddie Van Halen's ground breaking tapping technique in the solo was imitated by many metal guitarist well into the 80's.

Part 1 is just an intro to some of the equipment required to get that Eddie Van Halen "brown sound".

On with the actual GUITAR TABS - Guitar Hero - Van Halen - Eruption Part 2


How to Play "Eruption" Part 1.

How to Play "Eruption" Part 2.

Here Peter goes into the intro part.

How to Play "Eruption" Part 3.

Peter goes into the middle part with the bluesy style licks on the lower neck.

How to Play "Eruption" Part 4.

This lesson shows us the trill part and the fast alternative picking section.

How to Play "Eruption" Part 5.

Here is the fun tapping section.

Eddie Van Halen Eruption Live

The master playing it for real with a Frankenstrat.

Guitar Hero - Van Halen - Eruption

And if you can't play guitar, make do with a Xbox or PS3.


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