Saturday January 14, 2012

Hayden MoFo

With the likes of Marshall, Vox and Orange hogging the limelight, it’s hard to be noticed without doing something radical. Similar to Laney and Hiwatt, Hayden Amps is one of those British makers you see pop up every now and then, but they just doesn’t get as much press time as the popular kids. Kinda like Lindsay Lohan vs. Hilary Duff. All things being equal, things could change with the launch of the Hayden MoFo 30 watt Class A head.

Roughly disguised as a fan heater, the MoFo has four cascaded gain stages that combines plexi tones with smooth modern Metal sounds. Two independent UK or US voiced input jacks lets you change between classic British rock or high gain killer metal shred. Four EL84s are what’s needed.

The MoFo features Bass, Middle, and Treble, Presence, Gain and Master controls. The curious knob on the left however is the MoFo control (also footswitchable) used to set the level of signal boost to achieve overdriven lead tones. This isn’t your traditional Gain and Master set up. Notes just keep getting bigger and bigger. The MoFo is a gain and sustain volcano.

Hayden MoFo

Hayden MoFo

On days when you just want to kick back at home the Hayden MoFo has a Stealth switch underneath the amp. It limits the amp to just 2 watts so your ears and your neighbours will still love you. The MoFo has a front socketed series FX loop. A special “Y” connector cable is required to tap in your favourite stompbox. Some may find this a little inconvenient especially if you forget to bring the cable to a gig or practice. With the traditional 8 and 16 Ohm speaker outputs, the Hayden MoFo can drive a variety of cabinet options from 1x12 up to a 4x12.

Hayden 112 Cabinet

Partner the MoFo head with a matching cabinet loaded with an Eminence EGTR-S1712-16, the 1 x 12" for creating a portable 'mini-rig'.
Also available is the Hayden Mini MoFo, similar in design but features 15 watts instead of 30.

Hayden MoFo Specifications

  • MoFo - 30 Watts from 4 x EL84 valves
  • Single channel with footswitchable MoFo mode for more gain (footswitch included).
  • Stealth switch reduces overall volume for practice use
  • 4 cascaded gain stages for classic clean tones through to full metal mayhem
  • 8/16 Ohm speaker outputs for a variety of cabinet options
  • Bass, middle, treble and presence controls
  • Separate US and UK-voiced guitar inputs
  • Series effects loop
  • Rugged steel chassis
  • Comes in a padded gigbag with shoulder strap
  • Hand-wired in the UK

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