Saturday August 27, 2011

Ibanez 1570


The Ibanez 1570 is one of the most versatile and best all-round guitars on the market which can be had for a very reasonable street price of $999.

These Team J. Craft guitars are built by Japanese luthiers and set midpoint between the budget Ibanez RG350DX and the highly prized Signature series. You even get a certificate to say which luthier built your axe.

The Ibanez RG 1570 is made from basswood with a rosewood 24-fret wide/thin neck that makes those blistering speed licks so much easier. Pickups are DiMarzio made IBZ V7 humbucker, S1 single coil and V8 humbuckers. Controls are a master volume, master tone, and five-way pickup selector switch. Black cosmos chrome hardware and the Ibanez Edge Pro whammy bar are standard. The Ibanez 1570’s fret work and satin black finish are immaculate and certainly that’s what you are getting when you splash out on the Prestige line.

Playability is excellent overall. The guitar balances nicely and the slim Ibanez Wizard neck profile is absolutely designed for fast picking and shredding. The volume and master tone controls and five-position pickup selector provide a good selection of raw to brutal tones, but it would be nice if a coil-tapping feature was available as on the Ibanez SV models. Cleans are the Ibanez RG1570's weakness and the only way to remedy this is to drop in some aftermarket pickups - but clean isn't what it does best. When overdriven the Ibanez purpose built DiMarzio guitar pickups have that distinctive smooth treble, decisive bass and even-handed midrange - again this can be improved upon with some third party pups. They delivered generous sustain and with the Ibanez Edge PRO effortless whammy bar dive bombs. Of course, this guitar sounds better through a cranked-up amp with colossal gain, such as a Peavey JSX or Marshall JVM for a savage modern metal sound. So channel your inner shred demon and take a look at the Ibanez 1570.



  • 24 Frets
  • H-S-H pickups versatility
  • Thin Wizard neck
  • Ibanez Edge Pro Floyd Rose style tremolo is easy to use
  • Ibanez Edge Pro goes up in pitch


  • Dull stock pickups
  • Body dents easily
  • Locking Floyd Rose tremolos takes more effort to string and maintain

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