Friday January 28, 2011

Ibanez Colors

Ibanez Headstock

From left: Mirage Blue, Liquid Metal Red, Black, Candy Apple Red.

The current Ibanez colors are:

  • Black
  • Candy Apple Red
  • Liquid Metal Red

Discontinued colors:

  • Cosmic Blue
  • Mirage Blue
  • Mirage Red

The color changing Mirage finishes are now discontinued, but some Ibanez colors such as the Mirage Blue can still be found from older stock.

  • Galaxy Black
  • Gray Nickel
  • Royal Blue
  • Suede Black
  • Suede Red
  • Zinc Blue

The paint seems to be a urethane based paint which is really easy to chip and scratch.  Greasy fingerprints shows up fast too.  Unless you’re after the distressed look you need to treat this guitar with kid gloves.  All headstock colors on the RG1570 don’t match the body and are in black only.


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