Monday January 23, 2012

Ibanez Mods

DiMarzio Guitar Pickups

An article on DiMarzio pickups used on Ibanez guitars. We'll look at some of the technologies including Virtual Vintage, then we'll have comparisons with Joe Satriani's JS series guitars and Paul Gilbert's PGM series among others.

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DiMarzio PAF Pro

The DiMarzio PAF Pro DP151 guitar pickup was introduced in 1986 and is still one of the cornerstones of guitar pickups today. We'll take a look at this quintessential 80's metal pickup and how it can improve your axe.

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DiMarzio PAF Pro Review

In 1986 DiMarzio designed the PAF Pro (DP151) and since then has become a standard in modern voiced PAF pickups. Utilized by many of today’s pro guitarists the PAF Pro has found its way on many a guitar from Dweezil, Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore to Vai...

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DiMarzio Evolution Pickup

We'll examine Steve Vai's Evolution series of pickups used on the Ibanez JEM model guitars. Also check out our comparison chart of JEM pickups, including the Breed and Blaze and how they match up.

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Seymour Duncan PAF

A look at the range of Seymour Duncan PAF pickups and a comparison chart of specifications including the Duncan Alnico II Pro-Slash.

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Wiring a DiMarzio Humbucker Pickup

Wiring a DiMarzio humbucker pickup or any other third party pickup into a guitar can be a challenge. Many guitarists replace the stock pickups to enhance the tone of their guitar...

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Elixir Nanoweb Guitar Strings Review

Elixir Nanoweb coated strings is one of the finest technological advancements to hit modern guitar. The GORE-TEX (Elixir’s parent company) fluoropolymer protective coating on the strings stops oils, dirt, sweat and gunk from deadening and corroding the strings...

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