Saturday August 27, 2011

Ibanez Prestige Case

As you’d expect with the Prestige line the RG1570 includes a Deluxe Prestige hard shell case. The Ibanez Prestige Case has a red plush interior and a storage compartment for accessories. There is another cavity for your guitar cable. The guitar case offers a molded exterior, aluminum valances and molded bumpers. A metallic Team J. Craft logo adorns the outside. Unfortunately there is no facility to lock the case. The Ibanez Prestige case should be able to handle normal airline abuse, though thats probably issuing a challenge to the cargo handler!

The Ibanez Prestige case is not sold seperately, though you can buy the Ibanez M100C case. The Ibanez M100C Fitted Hard Shell Case, fits RG's, GSA's, SA's, right handed S series, PGM301, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani Series electric guitars.

Ibanez Prestige Case Interior

Ibanez Prestige Case Interior

Ibanez Prestige Case Exterior

Ibanez Prestige Case Exterior


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