Monday March 19, 2012

Ibanez vs Fender Part 1

Ibanez RG1570 vs Fender Stratocaster

Tonight we are going to witness one of the most anticipated guitar show downs. Are you ready?

Introducing first: fighting out of the red corner, one of the most popular instruments in history. It stands 38.6 inches (98cm) tall, weighing in at 7.25 pounds. It was used by Hendrix, SRV, Knopfler, Clapton and countless others. From Corona, California: the Fender Stratocaster.

Ibanez vs Fender Stratocaster

In the blue corner, at 39 inches (99cm) tall and also weighing 10lbs. One of the most well-known shred axes in the world. Born from Steve Vai’s JEM’s, it’s been played by Timmons, Navarro, Gilbert and many more. All the way from Nagoya, Japan, the chic Super Strat: the Ibanez RG series guitar.

Fender vs Ibanez RG1570

These guitars will go head to head in this Ibanez vs Fender shootout and after the bell has rung well see who is still standing. So who will it be; superior Japanese technology overkill versus the American icon of which all guitars are measured? The guitars on test are an American Standard Fender Stratocaster ($1,399.99 MSRP, street $999.99) and Ibanez Prestige RG1570 ($1,333.32 MSRP, street $999.99) built by Team J. Craft in Japan.

Let’s get ready to… errr alternate pick hard.


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