Saturday January 14, 2012

Krankenstein Jr Practice Amp

Made famous by the late Dimebag Darrel, the Krank brand has been synonymous with high gain hardcore rock fans and metal heads alike. The Krankenstein Jr is a compact mini version of Dime’s signature Krankenstein+ amp. The Jr edition conversely is one of a few low watt portable amps specifically developed for the modern metal axe-slingers.

The Krankenstein Jr is available either as a 20 watt or 50 watt head using three 12AX7 tubes in the Preamp and two Sovtek 5881 tubes for the power section. Based on the same circuitry as the Krankenstein+, the Jr. version is designed to capture Dimebag’s legendary “go for the throat” high gain roar at lower volumes. Squarely aimed at the bedroom shredder this amp head is yet still ferocious enough for practices and live gigs.

Krank Krankenstein Jr

Krank Krankenstein Jr

The amp has two footswitchable channels; a Kleen channel and Dime channel.  The Dime section has separate controls for a three band EQ, master, gain and a parametric mid sweep knob for the metal sweep sound. I was almost expecting the knobs to say 11 on them but they didn’t! The Kleen section just simply has a volume, treble and bass. At the back, the Jr also features a presence knob, 8 and 16 Ohm selector, a tube driven active effects loop with a FX volume knob and a button for an FX boost.

Krank offers a Rev Jr Cabinet designed for their Rev series amps to build a killer mini stack. The cab is loaded with a 1x12” 16 ohms Eminence Legend V12 speakers and a removable metal grill available in black or chrome.

The Krank Krankenstein Jr normally comes in Black tolex for $659.00. Extra colors such as red, white, blue, platinum, purple and tan cost $769.00. A Camouflage tolex option is at present available on the Krank online store at no extra cost.

Krank Rev Jr. Cab

  • 1×12 cabinet, shell solid poplar wood construction
  • Loaded with premium Eminence Legend V12 speakers 16 ohms
  • Measurements 15 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ x 12″
  • Removable metal grill available in black or chrome

Krank Krankenstein Jr Specifications

  • Two channel, footswitchable 20W head
  • Preamp three 12AX7 tubes, power section two Sovtek 5881 tubes
  • Krank channel: sweep control, 3 band eq, gain, master, Kleen channel: volume, 2 band eq
  • Active effects loop, 8 and 16 Ohm selector, worldwide voltage use, footswitch included

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