Orange Dual Terror Practice Amp

Orange Dual Terror Head

Orange Dual Terror Head

What do you do when players demand more from your amplifiers? Give them twice as much, what else! And that’s exactly what Orange Amps have done with the Dual Terror amp head. Twice the channels, twice the wattage and twice the fun!

2006 was the year that Orange Amps introduced the Tiny Terror portable head. Jaws dropped as this little wonder kid took the guitar world by storm. It reinvented a new category, the small lunchbox sized practice amp. Now that everyone has had time to play catch up its Orange’s time to turn up the heat once again with the Dual Terror.

Like its predecessor the Orange Dual Terror combines cool styling, portability, power, and value in one deceptively small package. Now at 30 watts of Class A power and sporting twin channels the Dual Terror still delivers the creamy smooth characteristic tones of the original Tiny Terror. But what the TT lacked in sheer volume the Dual now delivers comfortably. The driving force is four EL84 power tubes and four 12AX7 tubes in the pre amp stage for pure Class A terror. By comparison the Tiny Terror simply had two EL84’s and two 12AX7 tubes. Like THD UniValve, the Dual Terror has a self re-biasing feature when swapping out the power tubes.

A front toggle switches the output between full, standby and half. The two stage preamp features a Fat and Tiny Terror section which are also footswitchable. Each stage has its separate volume, tone and gain knobs. The TT stage is pretty much the same circuitry as the original giving the same fabulous tone. As you’d imagine the Fat channel adds some extra gain, low end and thickness to your leads. The two channels share a lot of similarities so much so that many guitarists use one channel for leads and the other for rhythm.

At the rear the Dual Terror has three speaker outputs – two 8ohms and one 16 ohms, allowing for any combination of cabinet. There is also a toggle for 2 output tubes or 4 output tubes which removes two EL84’s while keeping the correct impedance in the background. A padded gig bag is also a nice little addition. Apart from that there are no extra frills. Again there is no effects loop or reverb also missing from the Tiny Terror.

Taking the concept of its loved brother the Tiny Terror, the Dual Terror adds double the headroom and several other great options. Orange ups the ante again, but the portable practice amp store shelf is a lot more crowded now than it was last time. Is the Orange Dual Terror enough to wow the guitar slingers again when lunchbox amps have gotten a lot more appealing and sophisticated?

Orange Dual Terror Specifications

  • Cathode Bias Class A Operation
  • 4-EL84 4-12AX7
  • Two Channel Operation
  • 30/15/7 Watt Operation
  • Durable Metal Chassis

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