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Seymour Duncan PAF

The original PAF was invented by Seth Lover an engineer for Gibson for the legendary 1955 Gibson Les Paul. Les Paul was an influential jazz and country player and the humbuckers were a relatively low output pickup and designed to noise cancel the 50/60hz cycle hum of single coil pickups. Nearly six decades later and the PAF has become synonymous with rock anthems,high gain wailing tones and infinite sustain.

Seymour Duncan '59 humbucker

Seymour Duncan '59 PAF humbucker

Usually when we discuss Ibanez guitars we talk about DiMarzio guitar pickups. Typically because most of the Ibanez artists are also endorsers of DiMarzio and also because they have cornered the shredder and power metal orientated market. Seymour Duncan have gone the other way and are known for some good vintage pickups even designing a pickup with the late Seth Lover and more recently a pickup with Slash. I've included a Seymour Duncan PAF chart here to compare their PAF style pickups.

*These are taken from the Seymour Duncan’s data sheets. This comparison between manufacturers is purely indicative. Comparing them is like comparing apples with oranges e.g. a DiMarzio’s treble of 8 does not necessarily match a Seymour Duncan’s treble of 8.


Seymour Duncan PAF Style Humbuckers Comparison Chart

Model Code Power Wiring Magnet Output
DC Resistance Treble Mid Bass Description
Original Gibson PAF   Medium   Alnico 2 127 7.5K        
Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Model
All Positions Humbucker
SH-55 Vintage Medium 1-Con Braid Shield Alnico II Bar Medium Neck: 7.2 k
Bridge: 8.1 k
8 4 6 For brighter toned instruments. Works especially well with maple and ebony fingerboards. Not recommended for use with ultra high gain tube amplifiers over 50 watts.
Seymour Duncan ‘59 model
Neck and Bridge Model Humbucker
SH-1 and TB59 Vintage Medium 1-Con Braid Shield Alnico V Bar Medium Neck: 7.43 k
Bridge: 8.13 k
8 3 6 Warm and crystalline clean tones. Full and bright distorted tones. Smooth sustain… Compared to the SH-55 Seth Lover, the '59 has slightly more scooped mids
Seymour Duncan
Alnico II Pro
Neck and Bridge Model Humbucker
APH-1 AND TBAPH-1 Vintage Medium Four Con. Alnico II Bar Medium Neck: 7.6 k
Bridge: 7.85 k
8 4 7 warm, sweet tone with more natural string vibration for great sustain.
Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro-Slash
All Positions Humbucker
APH-2 Vintage Medium 1-Con Braid Shield Alnico II Bar Medium Neck: 7.92 k
Bridge: 8.53 k
8 5 7 the Slash model is wound with just enough boosted output to push a stock Les Paul toward the sweet sustain and rude crunch that characterizes
Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates SH-PG1 and TBPG-1 Vintage Medium Four Con. Alnico II Bar Medium Neck: 7.3 k
Bridge: 8.35 k
9 5 6 is sweet, but slightly rude, with great sustain and a bright top end that make harmonics jump out of the guitar


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