Friday March 9, 2012

Van Halen Tablature

Some things to play on your Ibanez RG series guitar.

Guitar Hero Van Halen Eruption

Eddie Van Halen's epic guitar solo Eruption from 1978's Van Halen self titled debut album is immortalized on Guitar Hero. Find out how to play it for real. Step by step tabs for Youtube's Peter Thorn (aka sinasl aka Chris Cornells guitarist) lessons on how to play the classic Eruption guitar solo, ending with the groundbreaking tapping section. More tabs coming soon.

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Orianthi According To You Guitar Tab

Orianthi Panagaris is the latest sensation to rock the guitar world. Here are the guitar tabs for her pop chartting According to You, a very EVH inspired solo.

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Syu Guitar Tab

This ones a neat little Pentatonic lick with some added notes by Japanese guitarist Syu of the band Galneryus. It's a crazy fast shred.

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